Exeter Builder

Last week we have done two small jobs. First one a build a wall in Exeter, someone done some sort of kitchen extension in old house long time ago. Outside wall was thick with no isolation and loads of hols in it. The owner ask to board this wall to keep kitchen warm. All pipes was leaking so before we board it we need to fix almost whole pluming there as well as put wire for electrician. Finally it took us less then two days to prepare everything for plasterer.   After the wall was done we move to other client to paint one bedroom and toilet. Both was just plastered so we mist coated  first and then paint ceilings walls and skirting boards, it took us less the two days as well.

Totnes Painting and Property Maintenance

After 3 days in Paignton, we have move to Totnes for 4 days. It was couple of small tasks, first we have a little bit of work with living room ceiling. As you can see at the pictures there was more work then just simple fill and paint 🙂 When one of us have fight with the ceiling, other have work in the loft. We dissemble old wardrobe and make timber cladding wall to match to the rest of the room. Unfortunately I have no picture how it looks after we varnished it.

Paignton Painting

What a busy week, we have spend 3 days in Paignton decorating a lounge and kitchen. It took us 3 days to mist coat the walls and ceilings, then paint two coats Dulux Vinyl Trade White Matt at the ceilings and Two coats of Dulux Vinyl Trade colour at the walls. One wall we made more shinny then the others by adding Valspar Silver Effect Paint Glitter to final coat. I must admit it looks really nice. We also paint all skirting boards, three door frames and small ceiling it the bathroom.