Exeter Spray Painting – The M Decor

At The M Decor, we strongly believe that investing in new tools and innovative technologies is part of the growing process. That’s why you can usually meet us at many trade events, networking groups and trade shows. This time we have a new piece of equipment to make sure that our customers get the best quality services, Hand Sprayer Graco Ultra. The main reason for us to purchase it was woodwork. We believe that the work needs to be done as good and as quickly as possible, that’s why we don’t like to use big spraying units for woodwork, especially in small areas. Big machine, 10m hose, big paint tins… all of this needs a lot of space, but not anymore! Yesterday, our new Graco Ultra Cordless Hand Sprayer finally arrived. Today, we tested it at one of our jobs. I have to admit that this is an amazing piece of equipment. So easy to operate, so easy to clean, so quick to work. Take a look at this short video of Martin testing the sprayer at work