Spray Painting Training

Today our team of decorators  took part in training on how to use spraying machines. We have just bought another spraying unit, this time it is Graco GX21 we hope it will work really well with our Graco Ultra Cordless with all residential job as well as some commercial projects. We are very excited that we get to test the equipment tomorrow on our new project in Okehampton.

Airless Spray Painting – Devon

New Year, New Ideas, New Technologies, New Tools! Last year we have learn how to use Airless Sprayers, we have attend to few classes and trainings. As we are now ready to spray, we have bought new Spraying machines and from now one we are offering Airless Spraying Painting service in Devon, Torbay and Cornwall. Spraying Technology give as many benefits as do the job quicker, leave better finish of the painting surface. Please ask for details at  07873 872 178 Here you can see how spraying looks like in practice ( movie unfortunately isn’t made by us, we just link it from youtube)